How ShopBack Cashback Buddy works?


The button that lets you earn Cashback wherever you are shopping online.

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Available for Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. For desktops and laptops only.

Be notified & activate Cashback
directly at 500+ stores

Get 1000+ coupons
within a click

Discover Cashback
via search engines

Easily view your


1. Cashback Notifier

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Cashback Notifier

Earn Cashback directly at 500+ stores
in 2 simple steps!

  1. Get notified instantly when Cashback is available on the store you are on.
  2. Click on "Activate Cashback" to start shopping and earn Cashback. You will never need to click via ShopBack's website again!

2. Cashback Button Status

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Blinking Button

Blinking Button indicates that Cashback is available at the store you’re browsing on. Simply click on "Activate Cashback" button to earn your Cashback!

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Green Button

Green Button indicates that your ShopBack Cashback is activated. All you need to do is shop and earn Cashback!

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Neutral Button

Neutral Button indicates that ShopBack Cashback is not applicable on the store, but we hope to bring it to you soon!

3. Cashback Button Menu

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Cashback button menu

4. Search Engine Notifier

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Search engine notifier

Easily discover stores that offer Cashback via ShopBack in your search results.

Earn Cashback with ShopBack Cashback Buddy

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Shop at favourite store

Shop at your favourite store and get notified when Cashback is available via ShopBack.

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Activate cashback

Click on the "Get Cashback" button to activate your Cashback.

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Shop and check out at the store

Browse and purchase at the store as usual.

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Get cashback in your ShopBack account

Bạn có thể rút tiền về tài khoản ngân hàng của mình khi đã tích lũy đủ tối thiểu 50.000₫.

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